Green Tor

Tor Information
Name: Green Tor Grid Reference: SX561863
Height: 546 m / 1791 ft    
Notes: Green Tor sits on the side of Amicombe Hill and overlooks the ruin of Bleak House, the old residence of the manager for Rattlebrook Peat Works. An unimpressive tor in itself, it does have nice views to the north, west and south.
Green Tor
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Parking Can be approached from either Lane End car park (SX 53722 82336) or by route from the car park at the Dartmoor Inn (SX 52492 85340)
  Military Ranges
Warning Green Tor sits inside or close to a military range. Please check the firing times for WILLSWORTHY RANGE at the Dartmoor Training Area Website before visiting this tor.
Bog Bog
  No bogs immediately around Green Tor.
Easy Intermediate: This Tor is reasonably easy to get to from either of the two car parks.


Recommended Walk


Distance: 7.8 mi Difficulty: StarStarStarStar
Other Tors Visited: Arms Tor, Brat Tor, Chat Tor, Doe Tor, Ger Tor, Great Links Tor, Green Tor, Hare Tor, Higher Dunna Goat, Little Links Tor, Lower Dunna Goat Tor, Nat Tor, Sharp Tor (Lydford)
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Leg Instruction
1Park your car at the car park at Lane End (SX 53722 82336)
2Exit the car park and head in a easterly direction. Eventually you will hit a leat and there should be a bridge allowing you to cross
3Continue in the same direction over some quite difficult ground, you should see Nat Tor in front of you a short distance away
4From here, head towards Ger Tor. You should be able to see the summit to the north of Nat Tor. This is deceiving as it looks as though it's just over the top of the ridge when actually it's quite a way & quite a climb away!
5As you come over the top of the ridge you'll see the Tavy Cleave Valley open up to the east with Ger Tor sitting high above. I found it easiest to head to the left hand side of the Tor and climb up from there. The ground is strewn in clitter so be careful of your footing.
6From the Top of Ger Tor the views are wonderful, Tavy Cleave is a very pretty valley and quite striking in appearance.
7Your next target should be well in view; Hare Tor. From Ger Tor it looks steep and unfortunately, it is quite, however this is the hardest climb of the walk and there is plenty to look forward to!
8The summit of Hare Tor is strange. There is no proper Tor rock on the actual summit, it's more of a grass mound with a few scattered rocks and a range marker pole. From here you can see the rest of the walk laid out in front of you in a big horseshoe. Great Links Tor looks dominates the scenery a couple of miles to the north & Widgery Cross is clearly visible on the top of Brat Tor.
9Now you have a fairly leisurely walk down to a cairn that lies between Hare Tor & Sharp Tor. As you pass, place a rock on the cairn. Now head towards Sharp Tor who's distinctive outline should now be clearly visible.
10From Sharp Tor you have a gentle uphill yomp over some quite rough ground. There are tracks that you can follow although themselves are quite rough. As you ascend up the track Chat Tor should come into view. Chat Tor is very distinctive in it's shape and although granite has a very different appearance to other tors and is known as 'lamellar bedding'.
11Across the valley to the NW you should now see Green Tor. Make your way NNW to the line of range marker poles and then follow them down into the valley, across Rattle Brook and up to Green Tor.
12Now you are going to cross back over to the Dunna Goats. On the way you will come across the ruin of Bleak House. This was the home of the old Rattlebrook Peat Works manager however in more recent years it has apparently been used by the military for target practice. There isn't too much of it left however you can make out an old fireplace lintel and the corner of a wall still stands.
13Cross Rattle Brook once again and head up the steep slope to Lower Dunna Goat Tor before heading across to Higher Dunna Goat Tor.
14You now have a half a mile walk to Great Links Tor. The first half of this will be boggy in wet weather and quite hard going in places the rest of the time. Eventually you reach the massive stacks of Great Links Tor. It's worth climbing onto the accessible ones just to get the view. Truly stunning!
15Hard work done? Not quite! Head downhill in a NW direction until you come to Little Links Tor, similar in look to Chat Tor, just larger.
16Next target is Arms Tor. I couldn't find a track from Little Links Tor and had to make my way across hard ground covered in the dreaded Dartmoor grassy hillocks, clitter, heather, gorse. I was walking this in early June and the ferns were just starting to sprout too and I can imagine it would be a difficult route so it may be easier to keep to the higher ground and drop down to Arms Tor rather than take this shortcut!
17From Arms Tor there are two Tors left. The first one is Brat Tor, one of the most distinctive Tors on the Moor on account of it's large granite cross on the summit, Widgery Cross (click to read more). As you approach Brat Tor from the north it's a nice easy short climb to the summit before you realise how steep the drops are to the west and south.
18Brat Tor to Doe Tor crosses some difficult ground. Again plenty of clitter, gorse & heather as well as ferns later in the year. You can pick your way through or drop down to the east of Brat Tor and follow the Doetor Brook down to Doe Tor itself.
19Doe Tor is a small Tor. A steady climb from Doetor Brook leads you to a summit with two groups of rock. The first has another range marker pole and the second is the true summit of Doe Tor.
20From here you can pick your way the last mile and a half back to the car park. There is no set path here although I have suggested a track on the route card at the bottom of this page.

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