Lydford Tor

Tor Information
Name: Lydford Tor Grid Reference: SX598781
Height: 502 m / 1647 ft    
Notes: An unassuming Tor NNE of Holming Beam with stunning views of Beardown Tor and the valley beyond.
Lydford Tor
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Parking You can park in the Holming Beam car park (SX 59160 76433).
  Military Ranges
Warning Lydford Tor sits inside or close to a military range. Please check the firing times for MERRIVALE RANGE at the Dartmoor Training Area Website before visiting this tor.
Bog Bog
  No serious bogs around the tor although the ground to the north can be a little wet at times.
Easy Easy: This Tor is very easy to get to either via Beardown Tor or via Holming Beam Bottom (can be marshy!). About a mile and a walk from the car park.


Recommended Walk


Distance: 5.3 mi Difficulty: StarStarStar
Other Tors Visited: Beardown Tor, Conies Down Tor, Crow Tor, Devils Tor, Lydford Tor, Rough Tor
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Leg Instruction
1Park your car at the car park at Holming Beam (SX 59160 76433). Please see the notice above about possible military activity.
2Walk right following the track to the bottom of the valley. Cross the river using the foot bridge and then use the style provided to get on the other side of the fence.
3There are clear paths up the side of Beardown Tor. The first part of the tor you hit will have an observation hut on it. From here there are several tor summits to explore.
4From here follow the ridge across to Lydford Tor.
5Next leg you need to head NE to Crow Tor. This involves dropping into the valley, crossing a stream and climbing back up to Crow Tor.
6Although from Crow Tor you cannot see Rough Tor, it's directly N of your position. There are several paths that lead in that direction but the easiest way is to follow the line of red / white range marker poles which will lead you straight to Rough Tor
7Rough Tor has a strange look to it as you approach. I've heard it compared to a submarine as the observation post makes the tor look like it has a conning tower. This is a nice spot for lunch!
8Next leg can be boggy in wet weather. Although it's fairly flat to Devils Tor it's hard walking over the rough ground. Take your time and watch your footing! Devils Tor is not visible until you are on top of it. Again tracks lead straight to it but you may require a map & compass in misty weather.
9Spend time admiring Beardown Man. This 11ft high stone is the tallest menhir on Dartmoor and is Bronze Age at around 3000 years old.
10You now need to head around the top of the valley basin to your NW. This saves having to wade through bog which makes life difficult during wet weather.
11Once you are on to Maiden Hill you are aiming for Conies Down Tor. Again, this isn't visible until you are almost on top of it. The little hillocky grass mounds make this short leg hard going.
12Once you hit Conies Down Tor you can head down into the valley, cross the river and ascend the hill the other side. You should be heading S. You should be able to see the wood at Holming Beam from here.
13Continue over the top of the hill and your route back to the car is clearly visible. Keep to the right and head toward the fence which will make life easier as you get closer.

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