Sampford Tor

Tor Information
Name: Sampford Tor Grid Reference: SX531731
Height: 277 m / 909 ft    
Notes: Sampford Tor sits high above Samford Spiney to the SW. A collection of several clusters of rocks, no single one appears to be the summit. This is also the most southerly point on Whitchurch Common and has great views all round.
Sampford Tor
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Parking Park in the car park at Cox Tor (SX530751) or park off the road near Reddicliffe Farm (SX521729)
  Military Ranges
Warning Sampford Tor does not sit in or nearby a military range.
Bog Bog
  There are no bogs in the immediate vacinity of this tor
Easy Easy: Wll worn paths leading all the way to this tor.


Recommended Walk


Distance: 3.7 mi Difficulty: Star
Other Tors Visited: Barn Hill Rocks, Feather Tor, Heckwood Tor, Pew Tor, Prowtytown Rocks, Sampford Tor, Vixen Tor
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Leg Instruction
1Start from the car park at Cox Tor (SX530751)
2Follow the well trodden path that leads around the west side of Barn Hill before cutting off track and over to Prowtytown Rocks that are hidden away from the main routes.
3Rejoin the track and follow it towards Pew Tor but head across the base of the western slope and around the back of Pew Tor to find Sampford Tor and Sampford Quarry. Sit for a while on Sampford Tor and enjoy the view along the Walkham Valley.
4The route to Pew Tor is obvious from here and only a couple of minutes away. Head for the path between the middle and right hand stacks which will lead you onto the top of the tor. You can climb the stacks, however be careful!
5Now follow the path through the bracken and ferns to the NW and Heckwood Tor. There are a small collection of granite stacks which mark the top of this tor.
6You can now work your way NW, down the slope of Heckwood Tor and across to Vixen Tor. Vixen Tor is still blocked from the public however there is an ongoing campaign to remove the block and reopen this magnificent tor to the public. If you are interesting in more details then please take a look at the Ramblers Association website.
7Now turn back west and head for Feather Tor. There is a large bog between you and Feather Tor however you can pick your way through it if you are careful. If you’d rather you can return up the hill to Heckwood Tor and then cross to Feather Tor that way.
8Once you are at Feather Tor you head NW a couple of hundred meters to a stone cross at a small brook then up the hill stopping at Barn Hill Rocks and then back to the car park. This is a nice little walk that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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