Scarey Tor

Tor Information
Name: Scarey Tor Grid Reference: SX607924
Height: 365 m / 1197 ft    
Notes: A pretty little tor that sits on it's own in the shadow of Ladyford & Belstone Tors. The granite stack on the summit looks almost like a pile of quarry spoil.
Scarey Tor
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Parking You can park on the military track next to Rowtor (SX 59655 91901). Access to this spot is restricted during live firing times on Okehampton Range (see below)
  Military Ranges
Warning Scarey Tor sits inside or close to a military range. Please check the firing times for OKEHAMPTON RANGE at the Dartmoor Training Area Website before visiting this tor.
Bog Bog
  There is no bog in the vacinity of Scary Tor
Easy Easy: Five minute walk from the car park on military tracks


Recommended Walk


Distance: 8.5 mi Difficulty: StarStarStarStar
Other Tors Visited: Dinger Tor, East Mill Tor, Okement Hill, Scarey Tor, Winter Tor
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Leg Instruction
1Park next to Rowtor (SX 59655 91901). Please be aware that this is within the Okehampton range; please check on the Dartmoor Training Area website for firing times for this range.
2Follow the track to the east, down the hill and over the East Okement River. At this point you can follow the track to the north which will take you to Scary Tor before doubling back and rejoining the track.
3Continue along the track working your way up the eastern slope of Belstone Tor until you come across Winter Tor which perches on the slope.
4From here you can work your way back down towards the farm and the East Okement River crossing it at the ford (SX 60690 90985) and follow the track up the other side.
5The route up East Mill Tor is now clear and you can follow the ‘chain’ of unnamed tors on the northern slope up to the summit. It’s well worth stopping and enjoying the views from up here.
6Continue south from East Mill Tor and rejoin the military track that will, after about a mile and a quarter, lead you right to the summit of Okement Hill. There is nothing to mark the summit of this hill, just a stone hut used by the military.
7For the next mile things will get a little tougher. There is a large bog to cross between here and Dinger Tor however if you don’t wish to do this you can walk back along the track the way you came and take the fork in the track (SX 59810 88731) which will lead you across the bog and bring you out about half a mile north of Dinger Tor.
8From Okement Hill head west, down the hill to the bog at the bottom. You can cross this bog with a bit of care however with the long grasses and heather it can be really hard going. Take care!
9Once across you will find yourself a hundred feet below the summit of Dinger Tor. A short climb up leads you to the top.
10You can now follow the military track from here, north for three miles all the way back to the car park at Rowtor. If by the time you reach Rowtor you find you feet are hurting from walking on the stone you may want to ‘shortcut’ over the Tor itself giving your feet a rest on the softer ground.

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