Swell Tor

Tor Information
Name: Swell Tor Grid Reference: SX560733
Height: 390 m / 1279 ft    
Notes: Perched above Swell Tor Quarry this tor has commanding views over a large section of the old Princetown - Yelverton railway line. Swell Tor Quarry is famous for providing the stone for old London Bridge you can still see some partially finished corbels for the bridge that were never picked up
Swell Tor
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Parking There are many places to park to reach Foggintor. The closest would be in Princetown (SX 589734) and follow the old railway line to the quarry.
  Military Ranges
Warning Swell Tor does not sit in or nearby a military range.
Bog Bog
  There are no bogs in the immediate vacinity of this tor
Easy Easy to reach, however great care must be taken if you walk to the tops of the quarry cliffs as there are no barriers to prevent you falling over the edge.


Recommended Walk


Distance: 4.0 mi Difficulty: StarStar
Other Tors Visited: Foggin Tor, Hollow Tor (Rundlestone), Kings Tor, North Hessary Tor, Rundlestone Tor, Swell Tor
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Leg Instruction
1Park your car at the old pump house (SX 567750)
2Hollow Tor is clearly visible on top of the hill to the SE. Walk up and past the small disused quarry and onwards to Hollow Tor.
3From here it's a short walk across some pretty rough ground to Rundlestone Tor.
4Just to the E of Rundlestone Tor you will find the road that leads to the Mast at North Hessary Tor, follow this to the Base Station and the actual tor sits just behind (there is a trig point on the summit).
5Now head SE. From North Hessary Tor the very top of the workings at Foggintor is visible howver as you drop down it disappears so make sure you take a visual bearing before you lose sight.
6As you approach the quarry be very careful as the quarry opens up unexpectedly and there are shear drops of over 100ft to the bottom with no barriers to prevent you going over!
7Skirt around the lip to the S and Swell Tor will appear to the west. Head towards the track that leads to the top of Swell Tor.
8Follow the track to the top of Swell Tor and again, be careful of the open quarry drops. Walk to the NW of the quarry and across to King's Tor.
9From King's Tor the walking gets a little tougher. If you look the the NE you will see the walls around Yellowmeade Farm... you are aiming for the most northerly corner of the wall but to get there you have to cross some very marshy ground. It's just over half a mile of rough walking I'm afraid.
10Once you reach the wall, follow it up until it intercepts the farm track and then follow this back to the main B3357 and you will find your car just up the road.

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