Watchet Hill

Tor Information
Name: Watchet Hill Grid Reference: SX615930
Height: 383 m / 1256 ft    
Notes: This hill lies just beyond Belstone Village. The hill rises slightly however don?t expect to find anything at the top apart from a military range marker pole, there is no granite to be seen. A strange little hill only climbed on the way up to Ladybrook Tor.
Watchet Hill
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Parking Park in the main Belstone Village carpark (SX621938) and walk through the village to the western exit to the moor. You?ll climb a steep hill out of the village just to get your legs warmed up!
  Military Ranges
Warning Watchet Hill does not sit in or nearby a military range.
Bog Bog
  There are no bogs in the immediate vicinity of this Tor
Easy Easy: Just walk through the village, up the hill and onto the open moor beyond. Watchet hill is just beyond the village boundary.


Recommended Walk


Distance: 8.0 mi Difficulty: StarStarStarStar
Other Tors Visited: Belstone Tor, Higher Tor, Hound Tor (Throwleigh), Knattaborough Tor, Ladybrook Tor, Little Hound Tor, Oke Tor, Steeperton Tor, Watchet Hill
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Leg Instruction
1Park in Belstone Village Carpark (SX621938)
2Walk through the village and where the road forks, take the right hand leg, up the hill and out onto the moor.
3Climb over the top of Watchet Hill and continue toward the prominent rocks on the side of Ladybrook Tor.
4Walk to the left of summit and follow it along until you can see Belstone Tor. This is your next target.
5Again, skirt around the summit of Belstone Tor and head to ?Irishman?s Wall? and the ?Logan Stone?. Beyond you will see the large mass of Higher Tor.
6The route from Higher Tor is quite easy to see from here. Follow the well worn path, past the boundary stones and along the ridge to Knattaborough Tor. There isn?t much to see here as most of the tor is under the top soil and all that is visible is a large lump.
7Continue along the path and you will intercept one of the military tracks which will lead you to Oke Tor.
8Continue along the track and as you approach Steeperton Tor you will find a track that heads down into Steeperton Gorge. Follow this all the way down and cross the River Taw where you can.
9Now the hard part of today?s walk. Climb to the top of Steeperton Tor?. Be careful on the steep sections as rocks and grass easily give way when any weight is placed on them.
10You should have reached the top to find a granite hut a marker pole. This is a great spot to stop for a cuppa and snack while just sitting enjoying the view over Taw Marsh and back along the route you?ve just walked.
11Follow the red / white marker poles down the eastern slope of Steeperton Tor and head for the ford that crosses Steeperton Brook.
12Follow the track up to the top of Hound Tor and you should see a stone circle about half a mile to the NNE. Head for this.
13There is a very well worn and eroded path that now leads to Little Hound Tor although you won?t actually find a tor at the top of track. I could only locate this tor using GPS!
14Now follow the valley to the north or you can head down to Steeperton Brook and follow this. You will come across remains of some old settlements on the side of White Hill.
15Keep your eye on the Taw Marsh to your west. You will eventually see a ford crossing? you can?t miss it as it sits on a very large patch of what looks like sand but is actually decomposed granite. Head for the ford and cross the Taw at this spot.
16Continue on the military track which winds it?s way along the base of Belstone Hill with the tors high above you.
17The track eventually leads you through a gate and back in to Belstone Village. You can always stop of ?The Tors? pub for some (non alcoholic) refreshment on the way back to the car.

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