• Davis VP2 Console

    Davis VP2 Console

    The Davis Vantage Pro 2 console enables the simultaneous display of many different values supplied from the Integrated Sensor Suite, additional sensor packs or from it's own internal sensors in both text and graphic formats. In addition to this it also relays information received to the Davis Weather Envoy Unit, which contains the all important data logging module.
  • Integrated Sensor Suite

    Integrated Sensor Suite

    The ISS consists of the conical black rain gauge mounted above the white louvred radiation shield, which serves to prevent temperature errors due to sunlight falling directly on the temperature sensor. This shield contains the temperature and humidity sensors but, in addition, houses the circuitry for combining the inputs from other outside sensors which are plugged into the mainboard.
  • Anemometer


    The Anemometer measures both the wind speed and the direction and is of the standard 4-cup hemispherical design that has changed little since it was invented in the 15th century.

    Made to withstand strong winds but sensitive enough to pick up even the slightest breeze. A Davis Anemometer reported wind speeds of 175mph during Hurricane Andrew before the tower it was mounted on, collapsed!
  • Solar Sensor

    Solar Sensor

    The Solar Sensort measures solar radiation and is used along with an anemometer and a temperature/humidity sensor, to monitor evapotranspiration.

    The diffuser element and housing are carefully designed for accurate cosine response. Silicon photo diode provides good match to solar spectrum. Two-piece housing minimizes radiation heating, allows convection cooling of the sensor, and prevents the trapping of water or dust.
  • UV Sensor

    UV Sensor

    The UV Sensor measures the sunburning portion of the UV spectrum. It allows the console to display UV index, dose rate, and daily and accumulated dose.

    The multi-layer filter provides a spectral response that closely matches the Erythema Action Spectrum. Diffuser provides excellent cosine response. Two-piece housing minimizes radiation heating, allows convection cooling of the sensor, and prevents the trapping of water or dust.
  • Siting


    Set on the edge of Dartmoor National Park, the ISS is mounted on a 5m alloy pole in the middle of a field with no obstructions in the vacinity. This allows for more accurate measurements and the site currently achieves a 4 star rating on the Met Office's WOW programme.

    The site also reports to PWS Weather & Weatherbug.
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24h Local Forecast

Partly cloudy with little temperature change.

Observations recorded by Davis Vantage Pro 2 at 03:15 on 24 October 2019 (GMT)



Temperature 6.1 °C Apparent Temperature 5.0 °C
Last Hour Variation -0.7 °C Wet Thermometer 5.7 °C
Average Temperature 7.8 °C Humidity 95 %
Windchill 6.1 °C Evapotranspiration (24h) 0.13 mm
    Cloudbase 302 ft



Rainfall Rate 0.0 mm/hr Rainfall Today 0.0 mm
Rainfall In The Last Hour 0.0 mm Rainfall This Month 36.0 mm
Rainfall Since Midnight 0.0 mm Rainfall This Year 364.8 mm
Rainfall Last 24h 0.2 mm Last Rainfall 2019-10-23 06:37 



Barometer 1006.57 hPa Pressure Trend 0.00 hPa
Altimeter Pressure 0.00 hPa    



Current Wind Speed 0.0  mph Wind Direction NW
Wind Speed (Gust) 0.0  mph Wind Bearing 322  °
Wind Speed (Avg) 0.0  mph Wind Bearing (Avg) 0  °
Beaufort Scale F0 Calm  



Solar Radiation 0 W/m2 UV Index 0.0 
Sunny? No  Current Solar Max 0 W/m2


  Sun & Moon

Sunrise 07:53 Sunset 18:07
Dawn 07:20 Dusk 18:41
Moonrise 02:25 Moonset 17:01
Day Length 10:13 Length Of Daylight 11:20

There will be 3min 31s less daylight tomorrow


Moon Phase

Summary Data

Temperature: 6.1  °C
Wind Speed: 0.0  mph
Wind Direction: NW 
Humidity: 95  %



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